How to Pitch A SaaS Company to Investors

Have you tried to pitch a SaaS company and need to raise early-stage capital, but don’t know the best strategies to do so? Today’s episode features a panel discussion with SaaS influencers sharing their advice on how to pitch a SaaS company to investors. Panelists include Jonah Midanik, founder of Limelight Platforms and managing director […]

SaaS Lead Generation Strategies

  Today’s episode focuses on Software as a Service SaaS lead generation strategies. From Audience Ops to Zapier, many tools and plugins are available.  Jono Landon is the founder and CEO of Hubbli, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and SaaS company that works with private schools find prospective parents to grow enrollment. Jono describes Hubbli’s […]

SaaS Sales and Customer Success with LinkedIn’s Julie Federman

What is customer success? Is it customer support? Glorified training? A precise definition doesn’t exist, but Julie Federman describes customer success as a resource that helps customers align with core business objectives and priorities through measurable results. As a customer success manager at LinkedIn, she would know. Julie shares tips and tactics on combining software […]